S1mple stuns viewers as he rips apart CS:GO opponents in rapid ace

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  Playing in a matchmaking game of Dust 2, the Na’Vi star and his teammates found themselves in a first-half deficit as they took on the mantle of the 必发88 counter-terrorist side. Reacting to the B rush, s1mple located himself in the window position with his 必发88 trusty AWP.?

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  As 必发88官网 the Terrorist team came streaming out of the tunnels, the professional immediately gunned two down with one bullet before backing out and protecting himself from a hailstorm of bullets. He peeked back into the site with a USP in-hand, picking off a third player with the help of a teammate.

  He would remain with the USP to clean up his ace - taking down a fourth player who was pushing him to the right. With the clean round in sight, s1mple picked up his final kill a crisp, clean headshot of the final player who had tried their best to hide behind the destroyed car.

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